The Dragonfly, Symbol of Transformation and Prehistoric Insect

Portrait of a woman wearing a dragonfly brooch in her hair.

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Dragonfly: Symbol and General Culture

Origin and Performances

Ancestor of a real flying predator, the dragonfly is one of the oldest insects in our history. About 340 million years ago this Prehistoric Insect measured up to 70 cm, but its title of Giant Insect was lost at the end of the Cretaceous . Today 6000 species of Dragonfly continue to amaze us, the most popular of which is the Blue Dragonfly .

She is perfection even when it comes to Flying Insect. Fast, Enduring, capable of Great Flight Flexibility and endowed with extraordinary 360° Vision, the Dragonfly is capable of flying up to 70 km/h and covering more than 1000 km.

Feeding exclusively on other insects , such as mosquitoes or flies, its incredible performance makes the dragonfly a true flying predator.

Image of a blue dragonfly perched on a twig.


Spiritual Beliefs and Symbol

The Dragonfly is the Animal Totem of Change, Transformation and Adaptation. This belief probably stems from his marvelous gift of evolution. Indeed the dragonfly begins its existence in the state of larva, in the depths of fresh water. It will then evolve into a Dragonfly on the surface clinging to aquatic plants through a hatching process like the Butterfly and its Cocoon. As it grows, the Dragonfly also changes colors.

Image of a Larva transforming into a Dragonfly.
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T he Sioux Indians of the Lakota Tribe said that the Dragonfly taught man to distinguish the real from the imaginary.

In Japan, the Samurai used the Dragonfly as a symbol of courage and victory after battle.

Image of a Dragonfly fighting several ants.

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In Chinese culture , the Dragonfly is considered an auspicious insect bringing Wealth and Happiness.

Other cultures dating back to antiquity associated the dragonfly with longevity and wisdom.

Drawing of a Tree whose leaves are represented by thousands of Dragonflies.
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In 2022, the CNRS and NASA baptize the Titans Exploration Mission (Saturn's largest natural satellite), La Mission DRAGONFLY , or Libellule in French.

The CNRS talks about it Here -->

Dragonfly Myths and Legends.

In the beauty of Japanese legends, the Emperor " Jinmu-TĂ©nnĂ´" , a descendant of the Sun God, was attacked by a Horsefly. Fortunately for him, a Dragonfly flying over the scene decided to protect the Emperor, and devoured the other Insect.

Grateful to have been saved by the Dragonfly , Jinmu-TĂ©nnĂ´ baptized Japan with the name A kitsu-Shima which translates to " Dragonfly Island".

Japanese drawing of dragonflies in full flight and montages in the background.

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The Dragonfly Symbol of Love.

This insect with large, thin and transparent wings has attractive assets for Seduction . His perfect mastery in the Air allows him to perform beautiful Love Parades. The agility of the Dragonfly during Mating with its partner gives the appearance of a Heart according to Popular Symbolism .

Image of two dragonflies on a branch, symbolizing love.


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