What is a Brooch?

The term "brooch" in French or "Brooch" or "Broach" by the Anglo-Saxons means "pin". In modern usage, it usually refers to a small decorative pin worn on clothing or as a pendant on a necklace.

Brooch worn on a camel-colored woman's coat

Brooches were originally used to support 2 pieces of clothing, but over time they evolved into a symbol of distinction within the Roman army, then a fashion accessory, worn by women of the high company to sublimate haute couture.

However, brooches come in many shapes, sizes, and compositions. Some people use them to enhance a hat and others as a pendant.

They can be purely ornamental, express a subtle message through a symbol or a figure, or simply have a functional role.

Woman wearing a hat adorned with a brooch

This jewel of clothing is a timeless fashion accessory.

Some people think brooches are old-fashioned and only worn by older people, while others think they're cute and appeal to an all-age profile.

However, there are many types of pins available today. Some have a strong vintage retro style and others feature an art deco style with multiple designs.

Young woman wearing bee brooch on black denim jacket

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